Welcome! Phoenix In The Mortal World is run by me, Aparajitha! From reviews on cosmetics and health care to song covers, from quotes and poems to current happenings, you’ll find it all here!

I’m doing something I absolutely love – promoting love and helping everyone!

This is what I am passionate about, and the blog is an attempt at showing everyone the same.

Growing up watching so many beauty bloggers and style icons made me want to become like them. But as I grew older and my body started to appear less and less like the ideal hourglass figures, I realised that there’s not a lot of options available for people like me. And this was a major factor of my depression for a long time. But now, I don’t want anyone to be depressed.

This is a page that promotes happiness, inspiration and motivation. So, do remember – GOOD VIBES ONLY. 🙂


Welcome to the family!

Loads of love,

Aparajitha (Phoenix) ❤