Spring Summer 2017 Series – Review – Moringa Shower Gel – The Body Shop

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I’m on a writing spree at 2 am on a monday! Monday doesn’t seem to be giving me the blues yet! 😛


Today, I’m reviewing another shower gel from The Body Shop. Despite having it for over a year, I only started using it recently. I had previously reviewed their Strawberry variant of the same. I’ll link the post here – Review – Strawberry Shower Gel – The Body Shop so you guys can check that out if you missed it. So how was this floral variant of the always loved TBS shower gels? Read on to know more on how it fared for me!

Basic Details –

Name of product – Moringa Shower Gel and Cream

Price – Rs.450 for 250 ml (Price has fallen down to Rs.345 for the same quantity recently)

Packaging and other physical details – The packaging of this is the same as all TBS shower gels. I’ve described the packaging and given a comparison of the old and new packaging in my older post, linked above.


Texture and Consistency – The gel is clear runny and has a slight lemon yellow tint to it. I’ve also spoken about the consistency and formula of the product in detail in the post I linked above. The same applies to this one as well in terms of packaging and formula! So make sure you check the link out to have a more in depth understanding of the same!

Fragrance – I absolutely LOVE the smell of this one! I’m not someone who likes floral scents easily as they tend to give me a bad headache. Initially on buying it, I didn’t like this as much as my Strawberry one. However, since the beginning of this year, I’ve been really enjoying the smell. It has a very delicate floral scent which is sexy in a nice subtle way. I’d love to repurchase this and use the Moringa mist or Body butter alongside as well to have a nice floral scent through the day. The sad part is that the smell doesn’t last long enough on me. I love my shower gels and scrubs to have a soft smell on my skin throughout the day. The smell doesn’t even stay for half an hour without moisturisation. And after using a moisturiser, it lasts for hardly 10-15 minutes. I just wish that TBS upgrades the formula of the shower gels such that the smell stays on for long.

Overall – 

Pros – 

  1. Lovely delicate fragrance
  2. Will suit most skin types – Oily, Combination, Normal, Dry
  3. Gel consistency feels light on the skin

Cons – 

  1. Can dry out those with ultra dry skin (If I had to be nitpicky!)

How was it for me? 

I own two gel shower gels from TBS and this is my second one. I’m almost done with both of them and can’t wait to try out other variants, the rose scented one especially. I don’t think my love of trying out new variants will ever fade away.

My rating for TBS Moringa Shower Gel – 4.5/5

Would I recommend it to you? 

Of course! In fact, my grandmother absolutely loves this variant and so does my mom! You should definitely give this a shot if you like delicate floral fragrances. Pity the fragrance doesn’t last long enough though!

Thanks for being here! See you soon in my next post. Bye!


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