Spring Summer Series – Studiowest Indulge – Exfoliating Body Scrub – Calming Lavender – Review

Hey everyone! How’re you all doing? As promised, I’m trying my best to post regularly. Today, I’m reviewing a scrub for the body which is quite affordable as well! Let’s see how the Studiowest Body Scrub in Lavender worked for me!

Little story behind my buy. Studiowest is an inhouse brand by Westside which includes makeup, nail paints, makeup tools and brushes, perfumes and bath and body products to name a few. The brand is really affordable in comparison to its counterparts which sell the same products like TBS for bath and body products, and a few makeup brands like Loreal, Chambor, etc.

So I was particularly looking for the Studiowest range of makeup in a Westside store here at Hyderabad and I came to know that they hadn’t launched it here at all (This was over a year ago) . So I got really irritated about the same and was about to leave when I noticed a really pretty yet simple display of bath and body products which looked really promising. And more so, when I noticed the price tag, they were also really cheap in comparison to TBS scrubs, lotions, body butters and of course, their famous shower gels! So I picked up the shower gel, body scrub and the body butter from the Calming Lavender range. At that time, the range consisted of each of the above, a face wash, a soap and a deodorant. They did have a few more variants like Aloe and Green apple, Almond and peach, Rose, etc. and have also added body lotions and talcum powders to the range. I wish they add a fragrance mist to the line as well. It would complete the entire range.

Anyway, after that super long intro, let’s just get into the product review, shall we?

Note – I finished my scrub and disposed off the container. Hence, I’m having to use a picture from the Studiowest website. I’ve also used a picture of the Rose variant of the scrub to give an idea of the texture to y’all.

Basic Details – 

Product Name – Studiowest Calming Lavender Exfoliating Body Scrub

Price – Rs.299 for 200 gm

Claims – This scrub gently exfoliates and envelopes your skin with a calming fragrance of lavender.

Review – 

Packaging – The scrub comes in a plastic tub with a lid. Initially, it has a foil seal on top of the scrub as well, which I like, since it ensures that there’s no leakage or tampering with the product. The product needs to be scooped out of the tub with your finger.

(The picture shows how the tub looks. I’ve shown the picture of the Body butter to give you guys an idea. The scrub comes in the exact same packaging as well.)

Texture and Consistency – The scrub is a white cream with clear lavender and black coloured granules in it. The granules are not too big to be abrasive but are neither too tiny to not have any effect at all. I like my body scrubs to have medium sized granules since granules that are too small don’t do the job for me.

(The picture shows the texture of the scrub. The granules are much darker in colour, but the light isn’t letting the true colour come through.)

How I use it – I use about a 2-3 single finger scoops on my arms, upper body and lower body and another 1-2 scoops on my feet since they’re super ugly haha. I tend to really concentrate on my arms though since they get dirty really easy and also on my feel as they’re super dry and need constant exfoliation to get rid of any white dry cast on them.

Fragrance – The scrub has a nice subtle lavender scent to it and the fragrance doesn’t linger on for long when the scrub is used alone. There’s a subtle scent which sticks on to the skin though which is really lovely. Even in the harsh heat of summer when I sweat a lot, the scent lingers on but is not noticeable by anyone but me. (Tip – You could layer it up with the body lotion, the talc  and the deodorant of the same variant to intensify the fragrance)

Did it do what it claims? Yes. I love how my skin feels after I use this scrub. I love the formula and how gentle it is. I’m currently using my third tub and have also gifted one each to my mother and my sister. So that makes it five within the family itself! It has a nice subtle scent and exfoliates my skin really well and gets rid of all the gunk without a lot of effort.

Other noteworthy points – The cream base of the product was something I thought wouldn’t be great since creams could feel heavy on the skin even after washing off and I don’t like that feeling at all. Surprisingly, the scrub actually leaves the skin feeling really really smooth after using a good amount. Not just the exfoliation, the cream base also feels really nourishing, yet not heavy. I love the feeling of it on my skin and was feeling my skin ALL the time (without any lotion or body butter as well) .

Pros –

  1. Subtle fragrance that won’t irritate sensitive noses
  2. Cream base leaves skin feeling smooth
  3. Affordable
  4. Easy to store tub packaging
  5. Tub packaging ensures that product is not wasted at all

Cons – 

  1. Not very hygienic since you have to scoop the product out with fingers. (If I had to be super picky that is!)

Overall Verdict – 

I absolutely LOVE this scrub and have already repurchased the same and can’t wait to try out more of their products. If you love the smell of lavender, yet don’t want something too heavily scented, this is a great option! And at a great price as well!

Overall Rating – 4.75/5

See you guys soon in my next blog post! Have a great day!


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