Studiowest Makeup – Haul + Reviews! 

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So last week, a new branch of Westside opened here in Hyderabad and I couldn’t resist shopping there! I bought just 4 items though – a pair of earrings and 3 makeup items. And here’s my review for you all after a week of playing around with these new babies! 

For those of you who don’t know, Studiowest is an in-house makeup brand by Westside. It offers some really good quality makeup for affordable prices and has specially catered shades for Indian skin since a lot of drugstore brands don’t offer darker​ shades of foundations, concealers, etc. They have a wide range of products including foundations, compacts, lipsticks, chubby sticks, eyeshadows, nail paints, etc 

So Studiowest launched in Hyderabad FINALLY and I couldn’t help but buy a few items. I was looking for their eyeshadows, but they were still stocking up at that time. (I went on the first day, i should have thought of that :P) 

Okay after that super long intro (Sorry for that haha), here’s my take on the products I purchased – 

1. Studiowest Pure Passion Irresistible Lipstick in ‘Raspberry Rush’

PriceRs. 295

Quantity – 4.2 g

This is a really bright pink perfect for spring and summer, and is a colour that would work across all skintones beautifully! The lipstick comes in a standard yet pretty matte black packaging with a gold body. The lipstick is really creamy, rich in colour and delivers an opaque, lustrous finish in one swipe. However, since the lipstick is so creamy, it is a really high maintenance product. I mean to say that it smears very easily and since it is such a bright colour as well, it’s not a pretty sight to see pink smears across the face. It is obviously not long wearing as well because of this creamy formula. It stays put for about 2-3 hours only if you don’t eat or drink anything in between since it’s not transfer proof. Overall, for the price, it’s a fair buy, but they could’ve made the formula a little more long wearing since you do find lipsticks by other brands for about the same price that don’t transfer as much. However , if you still want to go with this, you can dab a tissue on your lips and pat on some loose powder to make it matte and to make it a little transfer proof. 

Overall Rating – 3/5

2. Studiowest Pure Passion Stay Perfect Concealer in’SP02. – Ginger’

Price – Rs.345 

Quantity – 5 ml

This has to be one of the most affordable concealers in the market. I think this is a really good product. The concealer is feels really airy and light like a mousse and blends like a dream. You just need 4 to 5 taps for  it to blend. This shade matches my skin tone perfectly and isn’t a highlighting concealer. It is a medium coverage xoncelwhich can be built up easily. It doesn’t cake up as well. It covered my really bad dark circles in about 1 – 1.5 layers. You do need to set it with some powder though since it is really creamy and creases pretty quickly. On setting it, I did notice the creases decrease and the longevity increase. This product does look really natural on using it just alone as well for days when you don’t want to use a lot of makeup. Overall, for the price, whoa! This is a definite steal! 

Overall Rating – 4/5

3. Studiowest Pure Passion Stay Perfect Compact in ‘SP03 – Walnut’

 Price – Rs.595

Quantity – 9 g

First things first, the price is high for a drugstore compact. For Studiowest itself, this is one of the highest priced items. Also, compared to other drugstore alternatives, this one is definitely priced higher for a compact powder. 

This has to be one of the BEST compacts for dry skinned people like me! I’ve tried a tonne of compacts but there’s some issue always – I don’t find my shade or it was too drying for my skin, etc. But this one has become my favourite in a matter of days! I always used to use a translucent powder to set my face because I never found a good compact for my shade and skin type. This compact isn’t high on coverage and isn’t too mattifying as well. But it’s really finely milt and super silky. I have never been a sucker for a matte look on the face but this doesn’t exaggerate pores and blemishes like powders normally do. It gives a natural look yet blurs out some imperfections as well. I’d highly recommend this to people with dry skin to normal skin. I’d not suggest this for those with slightly oily skin however since it doesn’t so a great job at oil control and you will need to keep touching up all the time. Overall, to wrap this post up, I love the product. I can see myself hitting pan on this REAL quick, even more so since summers are almost here! I think you’re paying a high price, but the quality of the product doesn’t have me regretting this purchase AT ALL! 

Overall rating – 4.5/5

Overall, I loved the buys from the brand and I can’t wait to try more products like their foundation, eyeshadows, etc. Do let me know if you’d like reviews on any more makeup. I’d love to try them out and review them! 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to sign up with your email to stay tuned with my updates on the blog! See you soon!  💙


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