MAC Satin Lipstick – Captive – Review

Hello everyone! I recently went to a MAC showroom and bought a lipstick after swatching a dozen lipsticks and changing my decision almost every minute! So here’s my take on a really pretty lipstick from their satin range. 

Name of the shadeCAPTIVE


Price – Rs.1500

Review – 

MAC Captive is a really pretty warm toned mauve with tones of purple and pink in it. It is from the Satin Lipstick range of MAC. The Satin range of MAC is the best of both the Matte and the Amplified ranges. It has the longevity of the matte lipsticks and the comfort of the amplified ones. It has a semi-matte or a satin finish formula which I am off late leaning towards since my lips are getting dry. 

It comes in standard MAC black box packaging and is a lipstick bullet. It applies opaque in a single swipe and isn’t patchy or blotchy at all. It wears on the lips for about 4-5 hours without smudging or bleeding. On eating however, it will transfer. It leaves a pretty stain on the lips so even if the lipstick is transferred a little, the lips don’t look bare or patchy. 

This colour would look lovely on people with medium to deep skins. On me personally, in some kinds of lighting, it tends to look really cool toned on me. However, it is a lovely colour which would really be a nice mauve for people with deep skin tones. I’ve included some arm and lip swatches below for reference.

(*For reference – I am of medium complexion, slightly leaning towards dusky when tanned.)

What I love about MAC Captive :

  1. The formula is comfortable to wear; Doesn’t tug at the lips
  2. Long wearing
  3. Lovely colour
  4. Would suit deeper skintones 
  5. Love the signature MAC vanilla fragrance!

What I don’t love about MAC Captive :

  1. Pricey! 
  2. Not an easy to wear colour. 
  3. Wouldn’t suit fairer skin tones.
  4. Difficult to spot the shade if you have more than one Mac lipstick, since there is no colour coding on the packaging!

Rating for packaging – 4/5 (-1 for no colour coding! )

Rating for shade and quality – 4.5/5 (-0.5 because it doesn’t suit fair skinned people! )

Overall rating – 4.5/5 

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