This is my very first blog post. And it has been sitting in the ‘drafts’ section since July. I have been editing this post over and over to make it a perfect first post, only to finally give up and leave it to the reader for judgement. 

Also, writing about something very close to my heart is what I thought would be an ideal way to start this journey on the blog. 

This is an issue that has bothered me since long, but the truth about it was something I felt very recently and left me really upset.

Autism is a disorder which impacts more than a million people every year in India itself. More so, worldwide. Then WHY are we so intolerant towards anyone having this disorder? Or as a matter of fact, any such disorders or disabilities? We all watch movies like My Name Is Khan and Barfi, both of which show Asperger’s syndrome and Autism respectively, Taare Zameen Par, which shows the lead with Dyslexia, Koi Mil Gaya, and so many more. And we all decide to be more considerate towards people with such special needs the same moment. But what happens once you walk out of the theater? What happens once the effect of the movie wears off on you? Back to square one it is. The very next day when you come across a child suffering from the same, you label him/her as mad and walk on. No one has asked you to go and sit with the child and talk to him. But does that mean that you give him stares, shake your head and cause distress not only to the child, but also his/her parents, who try the hardest to shield their little one from such incidents? Do you know how the innocent mind will perceive your dirty stares? How is their fault? Did you ever wonder what their parents will go through when you give those stares? Did you think at least once about how they have to appear strong in front of their child, but are so emotionally distraught in reality? They have to constantly tell their child that what you did was just something funny or stupid, and that you didn’t mean anything. Ever thought about the tears that’ll form in their eyes after they speak to their child and ask him to not worry?

The reason I’m writing this is not because I believe everyone is doing the same. It’s because the number of us who are actually compassionate towards autistic individuals and/or people with any other disorders is so few in comparison to those who aren’t.

Before we all start preaching about stuff like this, we have to realise that only if we change, we can change others. We have to teach those around us to be tolerant and compassionate. We have to teach them that no one is different by choice.

We have to, more importantly, remember, that WE build our society; We are the reason this society exists. Let us not set norms and say that the society doesn’t accept them, let us realise that the norms in the society NEEDS to accommodate everyone, no matter who they are.

Please, this is a request. Teach your kids to understand that if there is someone around you, child or adult, with special needs, they should be caring towards them. Please do not let them bully anyone. I never knew how sad the situation is, until a few days back. Let’s all please be humane, compassionate and considerate towards them. Let us not bully them or be mean to them. Let us make them feel at home, no matter where they are. Let us decide to stop bullies together and let us be the change we talk about. 

Hoping that you only spread love in this world and that you do not encourage hate. 💙


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